Friday, April 29, 2011

The All-Nighter Royal Wedding

Where I live, the Royal Wedding ceremony aired at 5 am sharp, the arrivals started at 3 am and coverage even started as early as 1 am. I decided this was going to be a night where an all-nighter was all-necessary. And it definitely was! With my Macbook on my lap and my Blackberry in hand --- my night (and morning) was documented every step of the way!

Strawberries and chai tea were my go-to snack. English Breakfast tea would have been more appropriate but I desperately needed the Chai for the caffeine!

For channel choice, I contemplated between CNN and BBC America. With a very entertaining panel including: Piers Morgan, Cat Deely, Anderson Cooper, Richard Quest, Becky Anderson and appearances from Hamish Bowles and Vera Wang, everyone who choose CNN definitely made the right choice! They did an excellent job!

When she stepped out of the car and you could hear the whole world gasp

This was the moment the dress was finally revealed! I'm no fashion expert but Catherine's (yes, I just referred to her as Catherine and not Kate!) is absolutely spectacular. Although reminiscent to Grace Kelly's wedding dress, Catherine's dress is a far more modern take and the dress's silhouette compliments her figure perfectly. I love love love the v-neck touch - if it were boat neck or scoop neck, I think she would have looked a bit stuffy. Bravo Sarah Burton! I'm extremely impressed by Catherine's choice in designer as well, every choice she makes is creating fashion history!

The hair half-up, the make-up, the earrings from her parents...perfection.

I loved it when a huge grin formed on the world's face that very moment when we could all read William's lips say "You Look Beautiful."

I don't really want to bring up that awkward moment when we thought the ring wasn't going to fit...let's pretend that didn't happen. It makes me uncomfortable just thinking about it.

Congratulations on getting all your lines right Catherine! I don't know how you did it, everyone else would have definitely messed up his name, I mean come on, who has four first names!
William Phillip Arthur Louis?
William Louis Phillip Arthur?
William Arthur Phillip Louis?
(I just checked, it's the last one!)

I absolutely loved this - what was suppose to be a serious - moment, when William made eye contact with someone and cracked a cheeky smile!

Hearing the crowds roar as William and Catherine made their introduction to the world as a married couple was a moment I'll always remember.

Finally, the moment the whole world was waiting for!
By the way, did anyone watching see that about 20 minutes before William and Catherine came out on the balcony, a man very resemblant to William peered behind the curtain???

The SECOND kiss!!!
I'm sure you already witnessed William and Catherine's double kiss but I just want to emphasize how their decision to do that, shows the world that a new generation in the British monarchy is about to takeover and they don't care what people think, how refreshing!


Well, those very amateur photographs of my television screen (taken on my Blackberry) summarize the royal wedding from sophiesmonde! I realize they're sort of pathetic but having something that personally reminds you of a day as memorable as this one, will allow the emotions you felt to stay with you forever!

Post-Royal Wedding Notes:

Kate's evening gown, also designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen looks like every little girl's dream dress!
The whole day was truly a fairytale.


I have mixed feelings about Pippa's dress being white, I understand that it's traditional to have the bridesmaid's dress compliment the bride's dress, but I just think it's a little strange to have two white dresses side by side! She definitely didn't steal any of Kate's thunder and played the role of sister of the bride very politely, if I may say so.
Harry looked absolutely divine. Although his hair looked a little damp and uncombed, his I-just-got-out-of-bed look works for him, actually, everything works for him.
what is this new awkward-but-cute chemistry forming between the brother of the groom and the sister of the bride...although I would love see it happen, it's a bit too Disney channel and I really do not want anything to take away from Catherine's fairytale. I'm not picking sides or anything, but at the end of the day, it's really all about Catherine. And not to sound rude but Pippa, how did you get to so pretty all of a sudden?

I've been playing this video of Paul Mealor's Ubis Caritas Et Amor allllll day.
I can't stop getting goosebumps:

I'm not quite sure what the do with myself anymore, I simply cannot get enough!
The scenes shown of the millions of people gathered in the streets of London made me feel proud, and I'm not even a wee bit British. It's nice for the world to unify, even just for one day to watch a fairytale become reality.

...and there's nothing wrong with living in a fairytale,

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wait, there's a royal wedding tomorrow?

Day Three of my Union Jack Attack:
Countdown to the Royal Wedding: Approx. 8 Hours

Yes, I went to school dressed like this.
Yes, I was made fun of.
Yes, I don't care,
(TODAY if you're in Europe!)

I decided to take today's outfit picture in front of my Union Jack wall to further emphasize my love for all things British!
I told you, I'm obsessed!

I honestly cannot write that much, my hands won't allow it.
I'm simply too excited for words (which is rare for me!)

Here are the most recent, and perhaps some of the
last photographs of Kate Middleton as a single woman!

The Middleton ladies looking classy as ever

And her outfit is perfectly coordinated as expected!

Captured: Perhaps the last wave as a single woman

I'm currently watching TLC'S Royal Wedding Countdown and Clinton from USA's What Not To Wear is exhibiting a variety of items - from blankets to tea bags - stamped with Will and Kate's face on it. I want it all!

Will & Kate have their own set of coins

Will & Kate mug, for tea time of course

Will & Kate vomit bags to cater to all those royal wedding h8rs out there!

On that note, one of my mother's friends in London emailed me this morning urgently asking me for my address, she said she had something I needed to have. She then emailed me back explaining how her friend came across 5 extra Kate and Will Pez dispensers and was willing to give them away --- until he found out they're in fact worth up to $13,000!
So I suppose at least I can say I came close to owning to one!
CLICK HERE for the article.

You know the incorporation of Will & Kate and Pez is literally combining every interest I've ever had.
Just kidding,
Sort of...

Are YOU ready?
You BETTER be.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"The reason Americans are so obsessed with the royal wedding is because they don't have a monarchy."

Day Two of my Union Jack Attack:
Countdown to the Royal Wedding: Approx. 33 Hours

Meet the love of my life (seriously) Chester,
he likes to go by King Chester


And in the words of Piers Morgan (the new and improved British equivalent of CNN's Larry King but not nearly as inspiring as Richard Quest), "The reason Americans are so obsessed with the royal wedding is because they don't have a monarchy," true s**t Piers.

Outfit Details:
Tee Shirt: PLAY Comme Des Gar├žons
Skirt: American Apparel
Shoes: Bensimon
Hat: Burberry
Sunglasses: Chanel(The 5120's!)
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Summer Nostalgia

40, 39, 38, 37, 36 days

Counting down the days until this summer begins, has only made me miss the amazing time I had in India last summer. I miss all the monks and wonderful people I met during that three week time period isolated (in a good way!) in the heart of the Himalayas, I hope they are all doing well.

Here are some photographs taken of my time in Dharamshala and Delhi:
(though they do not do justice at all!)

I hope this summer turns out to be just as amazing!

Do you have summer plans?
Whatever you end up doing this summer please promise yourself that you're doing it for you --- not to make your parents proud, not to get into your dream university and not because it matches your hipster image. Do something you want to do and it'll be fantastic no matter what.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

r. U. o. K.

Day One of my Union Jack Attack:
Countdown to the Royal Wedding: Approx. 56 Hours

I was in a bit of a hurry getting dressed this morning because it was the first day after ten days that I had to wake up before lunchtime. Sleeping through my alarm left me with just 5 minutes to get dressed which led to a little disappointment in today's outfit choice. Though, not exactly screaming UNION JACK ATTACK, I think my friends (after I explained why I was over-matching) felt the essence of the British flag being exhibited through the skirt and ring of course. Accessories definitely emphasized the overall theme. Tomorrow's outfit will be further emphasized, after all it is the 48 hour mark!

Outfit Details:
Chemise: J.Crew
Blue bag: Mother's old Longchamp
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Ring: Topshop
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Monday, April 25, 2011

Union Jack Attack

NOTE TO BLOGOSPHERE: For the rest of the week, I will be theming my outfits to match the Union Jack flag in preparation for Friday's royal festivity. I'm hoping to include daily depictions here on Sophiesmonde. Unfortunately, (although believe me I have tried, there is no possible way I can be in the Queen Motherland this Friday) therefore by theming my outfits, I will be exhibiting pride for a country that will once call Will & Kate their leaders.

I've painted my nails Royal Blue to further accent the overall theme:

Have I lost my mind?
Or have you, since the font has all of a sudden turned Royal Blue?

Just kidding.
I may have lost my mind in a fairytale world
tomorrow when school starts back up again from being on spring break,
I'll be back in a world of Negative Nancies and Know It Alls...

But what's so wrong with living in a fairytale world?
Absolutely nothing.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Get your bunny ears on

The evolution of bunny ears

Marc Jacobs knows how to celebrate today's festivities while still looking chic

So does this girl...but she is on the cover of Vogue...

Jessica Stam knows what's up...on her head
while walking the runway for Louis V.

The Olsen twins are always au courant

Look who I found sporting bunny ears!
I'm guessing this was circa Saint Andrews years.

And since we're on the topic of Kate, here's a little something:

You know I had to throw in a little Will & Kate!
This is them in egg version (of course)...I thought it was appropriate

Whether you're enjoying the company of relatives, or pretending to enjoy the company of relatives, I hope you're indulging yourself in a little bit of what makes Easter so special --- all things related to pastel colors, candy and bunnies of course.


And oh hey

It's officially finally
to wear shorts without feeling guilty about betraying seasons!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Royally blushed

I am losing myself in all things with Will & Kate's name or face on it.
But by the looks of these pictures, some people are losing their minds...

Since we're in the British state of mind, here's some Lily

NBD. Just a jelly bean with Kate Middleton's face on it.

You know you're obsessed.

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