Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Getting Sneaky

Here's a wonderful commercial of Alexa Chung (one of my favorites!) for Superga (my favorite sneaker brand!)

Superga website: CLICK HERE

Superga is an Italian sneaker brand that has been around since 1913 but has just recently gotten a lot of attention because of it's collaboration with supermodel Alexa Chung, yes, Alex Turner's girlfriend. Yes, Alex Turner from the band Arctic Monkeys!

I've had a pair of Supergas ever since I could walk. My mother is obsessed with them but who can blame her, they are without a doubt the most comfortable sneakers in the world! I have a vivid memory of my mother bringing me with her on a 9 hour car ride to the Italian part of Switzerland just so she could get her hands on a new pair of Supergas! I'm currently obsessing over these:

I have purple ones at the moment but I cannot resist pink!

Since this post is relating quite specifically to is another sneaker brand you might like if Alexa Chung sold you on buying Supergas.

Bensimon website: CLICK HERE
Between me and my mother, I think we own every color. We really couldn't help ourselves during our visit at their flagship store in Paris, and I have to admit, the shop keeper did provoke us.
Bensimon shoes look good on EVERYONE. They look good with EVERYTHING. And come in all sorts of styles and colors. They're very popular in France and are beginning to show up in stores like LF and Urban Chic.

I'm going to be honest with you by telling you that for the past couple of years my friends have been calling my Bensimons "duck shoes" so if you're not fond of duck-like feet, these might not be the shoes for you.....but they are irresistible.

I've recently purchased these:

Bensimon released a new Tennis "Liberty" collection just last year,
which mainly consists of floral patterns:

All equally adorable in my opinion.

Get your sneak on,

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