Sunday, April 24, 2011

Get your bunny ears on

The evolution of bunny ears

Marc Jacobs knows how to celebrate today's festivities while still looking chic

So does this girl...but she is on the cover of Vogue...

Jessica Stam knows what's up...on her head
while walking the runway for Louis V.

The Olsen twins are always au courant

Look who I found sporting bunny ears!
I'm guessing this was circa Saint Andrews years.

And since we're on the topic of Kate, here's a little something:

You know I had to throw in a little Will & Kate!
This is them in egg version (of course)...I thought it was appropriate

Whether you're enjoying the company of relatives, or pretending to enjoy the company of relatives, I hope you're indulging yourself in a little bit of what makes Easter so special --- all things related to pastel colors, candy and bunnies of course.


And oh hey

It's officially finally
to wear shorts without feeling guilty about betraying seasons!

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