Friday, April 1, 2011

Hello Tout Le Monde

Welcome to Sophie's Monde. Before you make any assumptions about teenage bloggers, I'd like to clarify that I am not here to vent my way through the disadvantages of self-discovery nor am I here here to express my views on politics, although I may have ideas from time to time. I am here for precisely the opposite of those two reasons. You see, I've grown quite tired of the many aspects of everyday life; the stress, the competition, the deadlines; and I'd like to dedicate this blog to the nonsense we cannot say --- or forget to say because we are so caught up in those tiring aspects of our lives. This blog is for the sole purpose of nothing. It's funny to say that something's purpose is nothing because we are constantly in need of assigning something a purpose or merely finding our purpose. But I'm not here for that either, this is going to be a blog of the things that make me smile, and hopefully make you smile too.

Au revoir for now,

Just to give you a little preview of how silly this blogging adventure will be, here's a picture of a hat I've been currently coveting:

Hat Details: ASOS.COM
Premium Flower Detail Hat

Over the past couple of days every time I've come close to purchasing this marvelous hat the words "OUT OF STOCK" would appear just as I was about to press the words "add to cart." Unable to focus on my school work this morning, I logged on to and experienced a mini heart attack at the sight of the unfamiliar words, "IN STOCK." Luckily my yearlong Santa Claus, my father, knew how desperately I needed the hat and ordered it for me :)

Expect to see future references to "the hat,"
I am certain it will be a main focus in my spring closet!

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