Saturday, April 23, 2011

I am Will & Kate obsessed but it's okay, I know you are too!

Last night (yes, a Friday night!) I decided to dedicate an entire eight hours to watching every possible TV show/documentary/interview about the most famous couple of the moment. Luckily Comcast Cable made it easy for me by having an already dedicated section to The Royal Wedding. I watched the Lifetime Movie: Will & Kate, and although it was incredibly corny I definitely enjoyed it nonetheless and I know I will end up re-watching it very soon a.k.a tonight!

The Lifetime Movie version of Will & Kate
(Doesn't do either of them justice in the looks department...)

The movie sparked me to devote many sleepless hours of googling everything I could possibly google about - not only Will and Kate but the Royal Family as well. I've always been particularly interested in European monarchies; King Henry the VIII, Louis XIV of France, Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, to name a few, so being able to witness a monarchy in the making and not having to read it out of a history textbook is truly a gift.
I practically memorized the British line of succession and even researched Kate's former jobs (She worked at Jigsaw, an upscale British boutique!) I actually have a bag from there...I'll have to find it! And at least now when I use it, I'll be able to convince myself I'm practically Kate Middleton....all that's missing is a lavish hat, perfect hair and oh, a Prince I guess....

Enjoy these videos of the wonderful couple!

Finally, some Will & Kate interaction!
And yes, the future Princess does have a personality!

Kate. She flips pancakes. She's a princess. She's a real person. omg.

Are you obsessed?

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