Monday, April 4, 2011

Le Roi Soleil

Before I write one more word describing the quintessential combination of Chiarascuro and theatrical drama to exhibit the climax of the Baroque time period --- I need to STOP and think about what a beast Louis XIV of France was. Because it is almost 1 am on a Monday morning of a full week of school, this is going to be a short posting, merely a dedication to the Sun King and how for one moment in history, I think absolutism may have benefited the art world for the best.

Enjoy these pictures taken of my time visiting the palace of Versailles in the summer of 2009:

Just imagine what it would have been like to live in a time period dedicated to glamorous illusionary effects and exaggerated details. It could not have been that bad.....besides the fact that there were no showers, that could be problematic considering the millions of layers those bourgeoisie women had to wear to even be allowed to walk in the palace hallways.

Being able to wake up in a bedroom like this everyday...
would make me feel chic in pajamas.

15 years young,
fascinated by architecture 500 years old


Who needs a front door?

À demain,

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