Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wait, there's a royal wedding tomorrow?

Day Three of my Union Jack Attack:
Countdown to the Royal Wedding: Approx. 8 Hours

Yes, I went to school dressed like this.
Yes, I was made fun of.
Yes, I don't care,
(TODAY if you're in Europe!)

I decided to take today's outfit picture in front of my Union Jack wall to further emphasize my love for all things British!
I told you, I'm obsessed!

I honestly cannot write that much, my hands won't allow it.
I'm simply too excited for words (which is rare for me!)

Here are the most recent, and perhaps some of the
last photographs of Kate Middleton as a single woman!

The Middleton ladies looking classy as ever

And her outfit is perfectly coordinated as expected!

Captured: Perhaps the last wave as a single woman

I'm currently watching TLC'S Royal Wedding Countdown and Clinton from USA's What Not To Wear is exhibiting a variety of items - from blankets to tea bags - stamped with Will and Kate's face on it. I want it all!

Will & Kate have their own set of coins

Will & Kate mug, for tea time of course

Will & Kate vomit bags to cater to all those royal wedding h8rs out there!

On that note, one of my mother's friends in London emailed me this morning urgently asking me for my address, she said she had something I needed to have. She then emailed me back explaining how her friend came across 5 extra Kate and Will Pez dispensers and was willing to give them away --- until he found out they're in fact worth up to $13,000!
So I suppose at least I can say I came close to owning to one!
CLICK HERE for the article.

You know the incorporation of Will & Kate and Pez is literally combining every interest I've ever had.
Just kidding,
Sort of...

Are YOU ready?
You BETTER be.

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