Monday, April 25, 2011

Union Jack Attack

NOTE TO BLOGOSPHERE: For the rest of the week, I will be theming my outfits to match the Union Jack flag in preparation for Friday's royal festivity. I'm hoping to include daily depictions here on Sophiesmonde. Unfortunately, (although believe me I have tried, there is no possible way I can be in the Queen Motherland this Friday) therefore by theming my outfits, I will be exhibiting pride for a country that will once call Will & Kate their leaders.

I've painted my nails Royal Blue to further accent the overall theme:

Have I lost my mind?
Or have you, since the font has all of a sudden turned Royal Blue?

Just kidding.
I may have lost my mind in a fairytale world
tomorrow when school starts back up again from being on spring break,
I'll be back in a world of Negative Nancies and Know It Alls...

But what's so wrong with living in a fairytale world?
Absolutely nothing.

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