Saturday, April 23, 2011

Unveiling Findings and Unexpected Chanel

I am in no way focusing this blog on shopping, but I must admit lately that seems to be the focus of sophiesmonde. While living in this superficial world where "we always want what we can't have and never appreciate what we have because at the end of the day it's what we need," it's difficult to stick to the rules of what we want versus what we need. We are constantly reminded of the things we don't have and forget that we already have what we need. My, oh my, we live in a very confusing world. So let me keep sophiesmonde nice and simple then. Here are a couple things I wanted, then hesitated, then decided I needed, then bought...

Chunky Cateye Sunglasses

These look dangerously similar to a pair of Prada sunglasses I've been keeping my eye on. With summer just around the corner it's difficult not to think about sunwear.....eyewear especially. I can't leave Topshop empty handed, it's a rule. When I caught a glimpse of the these, I knew they were the perfect substitute for last year's Prada version of cat eye sunglasses. And these were pink!

Copy Cat?

These are the RD (real deal)
Prrrrrrada sunglasses

Sperry Top-Sider X Liberty For London

This purchase was definitely a hesitant one for me. I've wanted Sperrys since last summer when I decided they were perfect for frolicking the South of France in (could you just imagine walking on the Saint Tropez boardwalk with the Cote Azur on your right wearing Sperrys and an all white linen outfit)!
The recent Sperry popularity is what sparked my hesitancy, they're so trendy --- don't get me wrong, I love them all the same, but it's difficult to love something when you see it on millions of feet. But as soon as I saw the Liberty For London pattern incorporated on the classic Sperry boat shoe, I hesitated no more.

Denim Flap Shorts with Ditsy Pattern

Ever since I was twelve years young, I knew Uniqlo would become a regular pit stop for future New York City field trips. The store's Japanese heritage is refreshing and it's clean palette is very true to it's roots. Dubbed the "Japanese American Apparel," it's innovative, casual yet chic clothes and affordable prices make American Apparel look like an Wannabe American.

Those are the highlights of my mini NYC haul.
But just when I thought the whole Birthday shabang was over, my father came back from China....
no, literally, my father was in China for a business trip and came back with a gift for his little girl!

Have you seen the advertisements for Chanel's new Coco lipstick line?
The ones with the beautiful Vanessa Paradis?

Sort of like this one:

NOTE TO READER: I am absolutely in love with Chanel advertisements, seriously, whoever is in charge with them, knows their stuff --- using actresses like Vanessa Paradis, Audrey Tautou and Keira Knightley and combining their amazing looks in locations like Paris and London seems to be working and continually effecting the decreasing size of our wallets!

Well, apparently not only fashionista wannabes are affected by Chanel's dangerously glamourous advertisements, for my father decided to get me my very first trio of
Chanel lipsticks.

The three shades are called Aventure, Boy and Liberté (how French!)

I'm not very experienced in the makeup department so it's nice to be able to have the Liberté to play the field a little!

As you can see between wanting and needing, buying and getting, my world has been definitely experiencing a worldwind of consumer emotions lately,

But, that's not a complaint.
Definitely not a complaint.
Not at all,

Not enough Chanel in your system?
Check out this lovely short film (I have been completely obsessed with ever since watching a little while ago and since then went through an Audrey Tautou phase):

Click to view: Audrey for Chanel

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