Thursday, May 26, 2011

3,000!!! [Craziest post ever]

In honor of reaching 3,000 views, here's
"Year 3,000" by Busted, not the Jonas Brothers!

This summer, besides traveling, I plan on doing many activities and pursuing many passions that I've set aside over the year. I've had to dedicate a lot of my freedom this year to school work and chores. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. I can guiltily admit I haven't read one full book from cover to cover that I've actually wanted to read over these past couple of months. All the books I've read this year have either been required for school or textbook readings which, as we all know, are awful! I can't wait to spend entire days lying on the beach, or going from cafe to cafe, or even entire days in bed (those are necessary!)

Polaroid pictures.
I have to admit, I'm fascinated. Yes, their time already came and left when "hipster" was the cool new thing, but now that that time has passed (it never really went away did it?) I can willingly admit I am intrigued by the whole polaroid camera trend. I own one, and after an entire year of it living in my drawer I'm going to introduce it to the great outdoors. Now I just have to find the right film for it, I predict hours on ebay.

My all-time favorites:
Favorite DJ: Avicii

Favorite: Mika

Favorite Band: The Radio Dept.

Favorite Everything: Calvin Harris

Concerts, Festivals, I don't care: Music!
I have never appreciated music more in my life. That's a lie, Eiffel 65 changed my life. I can't wait to listen to all my favorite songs this summer and have them define what I hope to be one of the best summers yet!


Summer Love: Clothes.
Bright colors.
Some French brand of sandals.
Tory Burch tote bags.
Your favorite pair of sunglasses.
That Chanel nail polish.
Friendship bracelets.
Cropped tees.
Beachy hair.
Sandy pedicures.
Big BIG hats.
I <3 [city] t-shirts.
Jewelry from around the world.
Patterned jumpsuits.
Overly trended floral dresses.
Mix n' match bikinis.
And the list goes on.....

I can't wait!

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