Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Apparently, you are getting sneaky!

As much as I'd like to say "I told you so," since I did announce my love for Superga sneakers before they became dubbed the "Sneaker of the Summer," I have to give full credit towards my mother who introduced me to the Italian brand before I could even walk.

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Truth be told, Superga sneakers have been around for a while, so their sudden popularity is probably all thanks to the face of their brand, Alexa Chung (who I'm obsessed with.)
I don't care how indie/alternative/urban outfitters-wannabe these advertisements try to be, I think there's something very feminine about them and they're successful in making you want to be just like Alexa, or maybe it's just Alexa. Either way, it's official,
GET SOME Supergas!

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