Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kate EspaDrilled the new shoe craze

Dearest Kate,
Thank you for causing the shoe world to go espadrille crazy. Ever since your first walk as a royal, women have been obsessing about walking in your shoes, literally.I haven't seen more rope soles since walking down the boardwalk in Saint Tropez, and that's because CastaƱer (click for the best espadrilles in the world) was having a sale. But seriously Kate, next time you wear shoes in public can you think about the impact it might have on every women's store in the world? This espadrille obsession is getting a bit out of foot (hehehe, I said foot instead of hand.) Don't get me wrong I think the combination of a wedge, some rope and fabric make a perfect summer staple item, but before this shoe trend surpasses the gladiator craze of 2010, someone needs to make some ground rules. I'm not saying I know what's best for rope soled shoes but I think it's in their best interest to stay away from the slippery floors of suburban malls.

All the best from the land of suburban malls,
Espadrille Lover circa 1999

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