Sunday, May 1, 2011

Monarchy State Of Mind

Finale of my Union Jack Attack:
Countdown to the Royal Wedding: Approx. 0 Hours
Countdown to following Catherine & William's lives: Forever

I finally uploaded a second Lookbook picture! I realize it's not exactly your typical Lookbook posting but as corny as this sounds, I'm not exactly the typical Lookbook girl. I don't have a hired photographer to take pictures of me on a fancy camera but I do have a mother and a phone with a camera. I also don't have extravagant Birkin bags and the latest Miu Miu pumps but I do have a Union Jack blazer from London, Bensimon sneakers from Paris, Uniqlo shorts from New York, and a very fluffy dog from Strasbourg. What I'm trying to say is, when I put my outfits together, they are genuinely a mix of different brands from stores all around the world.

I'm afraid that's about all I can say today, I'm swamped in studying for my exams --- and unfortunately will be for the next two weeks! I just need to keep in mind that after the next couple of weeks are over, summer will be in full swing (and hopefully my summer closet will be too!)

OH AND ThoughtYouMightWantToKnow

Pippa Middleton might be ENGAGED.
YES, you read that right.

To cricket player turned businessman Alex Loudon

Apparently they've been secretly engaged for months but decided to keep it on the down low as to not detract from Catherine and William's moment. I googled him a bit and must admit, he's pretty cute. He also happens to be a friend of William's from to say the Middleton sisters know how to get around.
For the full article:

I'll keep you updated!
Ta ta for now,

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