Monday, June 27, 2011

On the job, DAY 2: Business Casual Wear in Bali

As soon as I arrived in Bali, my internship began, literally. Like I told you, within an hour of arriving on the paradise island I was whisked to a dinner with around twenty of Bali’s most powerful. On one side of me sat the wife of the state regent and on the other, sat the host of the dinner as well as the owner of the art gallery the dinner was held in (!). I am going to blame fatigue for my lack of conversation that night, I also didn’t exactly realize whom I had the honor of having dinner with until my boss explained how the powerful guests were to her surprise as much as mine. The next day my mentor informed me I was going to be shadowing her at an International AIDS awareness conference held by the university. Of course my beach themed dress code, was not exactly seminar-friendly. I threw on what I thought was appropriate for a conference held on this postcard island, and to my surprise (not), because we are in Bali, the conference was held in an ocean-front auditorium sponsored by the government. This was my business-casual outfit, Bali version:

Outfit Details

J.CREW button down shirt

J.CREW yellow shorts

DVF sequin sandals (i'm obsessed)

MARC BY MARC JACOBS cross body bag

Below are a couple photographs from the conference. I felt pretty professional because I was given a nametag (and a goodie bag!) The seminar was comprised of a series of presentations by an International group of doctors, researchers and policy makers. Each presentation exhibited a different perspective on how policy and research are the foundations to finding a cure and how cooperation and linkage is important now more than ever. I’m not going to talk much about the conference but at least you can tell by my sudden usage of big words, I learned a little something – something! Enjoy the photographs and notice the different definition of what a conference is here in Bali. I’m realizing that more and more things are different here, and I’m loving it even more.

#NoBigDeal Just a conference on the beach

I found my nail color! MANGO!

My boss, the only non-doctor/policy maker/researcher presented her charity and showed them how it’s done


Just wait until I tell you what I did next! Here's a preview:

Saturday, June 25, 2011

First night in Bali, first dinner as an intern: OOTD

I literally just got off the plane when I was asked by my boss to get ready for a dinner we had been invited to. Completely unaware of who was going to be at the dinner and with no dress code idea in mind, this is the outfit I threw on in the mere two minutes I had.

Outfit Details
H&M top
Topshop dip-dye skirt
Sam Edelman sandals
Marc By Marc Jacobs Watch

What am I doing?

Found this photograph of my boss (program director of "I'm An Angel" charity) spreading her angel wings to the younger generations of a Balinese community

Blogosphere, Twitter monde and my gracious followers I have been asked to clarify and explain where I am and why I'm here. I arrived here in Indonesia with my mother on Thursday and spent the day and night in Jakarta which is where I did a little shopping. Then on Friday I left by myself for Bali, which is where I am now and will be for the next five weeks. Now and for the next three weeks, I will be shadowing and interning with the program director of the charity "I'm An Angel," of whom generously allowed me to stay in her beautiful home. The charity, which started about ten years ago has reached nationwide ---- even worldwide attention and continues to be popular among some international elite. Right after I arrived in Bali, my boss asked me to change into casual evening clothes because we were invited to attend a dinner. I assumed it was going to be a small dinner but no, it was a dinner of about 20 of some of Bali's political leaders and European hotel owners. I was really tired so I didn't say much and frankly was a bit caught by surprise by the people I had the honor of being present with, but I found the conversations to be most interesting. Something many people who come to Bali do not realize is that although it's a destination popular with international tourists, it's tourism industry is what's making the gap between Balinese rich and poor larger by the second. Today, the poverty of Bali has reached it's highest population and most diseased population. It is with great joy and honor that I have been able to take part in the opportunity in front of me today. Being able to shadow such an amazing and influencing woman, who most of Bali call god, has definitely put a lot of things in perspective in this place I call paradise. I will continue to update you with the latest from my internship! All the best from Bali,

Sophie's Monde

Jakarta -> Bali Outfit

Travel Outfit #2
My Jakarta to Bali outfit. I am now on my solo part of the trip where for the next three weeks I will be interning with the program director of "I'm An Angel," a Bali based charity group which focuses on helping Bali's poorest villages in every way possible. I will write a post about my first 24 hours as an intern --- I have been quite busy meeting and greeting already!

Outfit Details:
Topshop front tie shirt
JCrew yellow shorts
Kate Spade hat
Sam Edelman blue suede sandals
LV bag
Marc By Marc Jacobs watch

Jakarta Mini Topshop Haul

Every time I go to a Topshop, I go a bit crazy because I don't have the luxury of having one where I live but I'm not complaining, I like how it's rare for me because then I enjoy it more. I bought three pattern dresses and one denim-like tie shirt which sort of has a cowboy vibe to it. I ended up wearing the shirt in my Travel Outfit #2 which will be uploaded soon!

Friday, June 24, 2011

One day in Bangkok...more like one day in Jakarta!

While I don't like to admit, one of the things I look forward to when visiting Jakarta is their shopping malls. Malls in Indonesia have names like "Plaza" or "City" which appropriately fit the enormity and grandiose architecture of what is suppose to be a place to get shopping done. I have to hand it to Jakarta, because although there's nothing much else to do while you're in the capital city, their malls can entertain for hours --- even days thanks to underground and overground pedestrian tunnels which connect two or even three malls together. Here are some snapshots of the lavish Grand Indonesia Mall:

The never-ending amount of levels! Exercise anyone?
I don't think I ever did see the ceiling...

Above and below are photographs of one of four, three-story food courts.
This one is "modern nature" themed, yes, all four food courts have themes!

Still the food court...
where you can take your fast food meal and eat it in style....


Dim Sum & TOPSHOP = A perfect end to my one day in Jakarta
I'll show you my purchases in the next post!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jakarta OOTD: Easy Color Block

First day on the trip and only day in Jakarta so I played it a little safe and catered to the fashion-obsessed color blocking trend. I also just grabbed what happened to be at the top of my suitcase because I didn't want to touch anything with fear I would have to re-pack (ah!) I paid attention to subtle details that really brought my outfit together. For example, I have yellow painted nails which further accents the outfit and my magenta bag(!) coordinates with my shirt which adds to the color block affect.

Location: Outside of Grand Indonesia shopping "town" and admiring the Chanel window display (behind me) more details in the posts to come! And yes that is a Topshop shopping bag in my hand, details to come, I promise!

^I look so tired eek

Outfit Details
Lacoste button up shirt
JCrew shorts
Les Tropeziennes sandals
Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

Travel Outfit #1

The soundtrack to my journey:

This is the outfit that comfortably got be through a total of 29 hours and 45 minutes of traveling. From running to catch trains and airplanes to holding my pee (T.M.I.) because of course(!) there's turbulence the second I have to pee, this outfit overcame every challenge it faced.

Outfit Details
Joie racerback shirt
Seven for All Mankind jeggings
Kate Spade sun hat
Les Tropeziennes sandals
Zara scarf

Recap: Last 48 hours through my blackberry

As you know, I have been MIA lately because I've either been in the air or had no internet!
But I am happy to say, I have arrived in my homeland of Indonesia after 3 trains and 4 airplane rides! Here are some snapshots from the journey:

On the train from DC to NYC, four suitcases in hand and a sun hat of course!


All aboard the 6 + 14 hour flight (JFK -> Frankfurt -> Singapore)

A stop in Frankfurt gave me the chance to rediscover the taste of my favorite European snacks: Peach Nestea and muesli Balisto bars, yummm!

Finally arrived in Jakarta where we were escorted through the airport by our own personal police officer who let us skip all the custom and immigration lines! (i'm not bragging, i'm just being a little kid...)

Jakarta, will your sky every be blue? GO GREEN!

What I think of when I think about Indonesia...and they smell wonderful! Picked right from my grandmother's garden.

The living room in my grandmother's house.

Back yard.

Really cool pink-banana-looking-flower plant that I always obsesses over and planned my outfit of the day around...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The best times of your life have not yet been lived

I love fortune cookies. They have a profound effect on my superstitious mind. Last year the night before I was leaving for India I got a fortune cookie that read "Your eyes will soon be opened to a world full of beauty, charm and adventure," HOW'S THAT FOR A FORTUNE. It's like the Chinese know everything. I didn't receive the fortune above, I actually came across it as a "mobile upload" on Facebook...but I think because I came across it, that must mean something, RIGHT?

New Hair Countdown: 1 Hour
Jakarta/Bali: 3 Days
The Best Times Of My Life: So Close

I see more blog posts in today's fortune

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Obsession: Current/Elliott

I have something to tell you...

I bought my first pair of Current/Elliott denim shorts last weekend (below) and I am in love, they're the most comfortable (more comfortable than LEGGINGS!) pair of denim bottoms I have EVER owned. I literally feel like I'm wearing boxers when I'm wearing them! You'll be hearing about/seeing them a lot on this summer!

Get Some Here

I haven't worn jeans since sometime in September of last year, so believe when I tell you I hated jeans. What's the point of wearing uncomfortable, blue denim when you can wear stretchy, soft and go-with-everything leggings. I can tell you my opinions have drastically changed. Thank you Current/Elliott for reinventing the word "jeans" in my life.


Now that it is summer, I'm thinking to do something drastic.....
to my hair

Youtube's ThePersianBabe's hair turned out really well!

I'd like to try this "ombre" hair trend out. It's where your hair starts out dark at the top and then fades out at the bottom (like my face in Shenae Grime's hair below, hehehe)
I wouldn't trust myself to do it (I would NEVER) that's why I already have an appointment scheduled for Saturday!

By the way my hair is naturally DARK DARK brown, dangerously close to black and I'm bored with it...thoughts? opinions?

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