Monday, June 27, 2011

On the job, DAY 2: Business Casual Wear in Bali

As soon as I arrived in Bali, my internship began, literally. Like I told you, within an hour of arriving on the paradise island I was whisked to a dinner with around twenty of Bali’s most powerful. On one side of me sat the wife of the state regent and on the other, sat the host of the dinner as well as the owner of the art gallery the dinner was held in (!). I am going to blame fatigue for my lack of conversation that night, I also didn’t exactly realize whom I had the honor of having dinner with until my boss explained how the powerful guests were to her surprise as much as mine. The next day my mentor informed me I was going to be shadowing her at an International AIDS awareness conference held by the university. Of course my beach themed dress code, was not exactly seminar-friendly. I threw on what I thought was appropriate for a conference held on this postcard island, and to my surprise (not), because we are in Bali, the conference was held in an ocean-front auditorium sponsored by the government. This was my business-casual outfit, Bali version:

Outfit Details

J.CREW button down shirt

J.CREW yellow shorts

DVF sequin sandals (i'm obsessed)

MARC BY MARC JACOBS cross body bag

Below are a couple photographs from the conference. I felt pretty professional because I was given a nametag (and a goodie bag!) The seminar was comprised of a series of presentations by an International group of doctors, researchers and policy makers. Each presentation exhibited a different perspective on how policy and research are the foundations to finding a cure and how cooperation and linkage is important now more than ever. I’m not going to talk much about the conference but at least you can tell by my sudden usage of big words, I learned a little something – something! Enjoy the photographs and notice the different definition of what a conference is here in Bali. I’m realizing that more and more things are different here, and I’m loving it even more.

#NoBigDeal Just a conference on the beach

I found my nail color! MANGO!

My boss, the only non-doctor/policy maker/researcher presented her charity and showed them how it’s done


Just wait until I tell you what I did next! Here's a preview:

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