Friday, June 24, 2011

One day in Bangkok...more like one day in Jakarta!

While I don't like to admit, one of the things I look forward to when visiting Jakarta is their shopping malls. Malls in Indonesia have names like "Plaza" or "City" which appropriately fit the enormity and grandiose architecture of what is suppose to be a place to get shopping done. I have to hand it to Jakarta, because although there's nothing much else to do while you're in the capital city, their malls can entertain for hours --- even days thanks to underground and overground pedestrian tunnels which connect two or even three malls together. Here are some snapshots of the lavish Grand Indonesia Mall:

The never-ending amount of levels! Exercise anyone?
I don't think I ever did see the ceiling...

Above and below are photographs of one of four, three-story food courts.
This one is "modern nature" themed, yes, all four food courts have themes!

Still the food court...
where you can take your fast food meal and eat it in style....


Dim Sum & TOPSHOP = A perfect end to my one day in Jakarta
I'll show you my purchases in the next post!

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