Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recap: Last 48 hours through my blackberry

As you know, I have been MIA lately because I've either been in the air or had no internet!
But I am happy to say, I have arrived in my homeland of Indonesia after 3 trains and 4 airplane rides! Here are some snapshots from the journey:

On the train from DC to NYC, four suitcases in hand and a sun hat of course!


All aboard the 6 + 14 hour flight (JFK -> Frankfurt -> Singapore)

A stop in Frankfurt gave me the chance to rediscover the taste of my favorite European snacks: Peach Nestea and muesli Balisto bars, yummm!

Finally arrived in Jakarta where we were escorted through the airport by our own personal police officer who let us skip all the custom and immigration lines! (i'm not bragging, i'm just being a little kid...)

Jakarta, will your sky every be blue? GO GREEN!

What I think of when I think about Indonesia...and they smell wonderful! Picked right from my grandmother's garden.

The living room in my grandmother's house.

Back yard.

Really cool pink-banana-looking-flower plant that I always obsesses over and planned my outfit of the day around...

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