Saturday, June 25, 2011

What am I doing?

Found this photograph of my boss (program director of "I'm An Angel" charity) spreading her angel wings to the younger generations of a Balinese community

Blogosphere, Twitter monde and my gracious followers I have been asked to clarify and explain where I am and why I'm here. I arrived here in Indonesia with my mother on Thursday and spent the day and night in Jakarta which is where I did a little shopping. Then on Friday I left by myself for Bali, which is where I am now and will be for the next five weeks. Now and for the next three weeks, I will be shadowing and interning with the program director of the charity "I'm An Angel," of whom generously allowed me to stay in her beautiful home. The charity, which started about ten years ago has reached nationwide ---- even worldwide attention and continues to be popular among some international elite. Right after I arrived in Bali, my boss asked me to change into casual evening clothes because we were invited to attend a dinner. I assumed it was going to be a small dinner but no, it was a dinner of about 20 of some of Bali's political leaders and European hotel owners. I was really tired so I didn't say much and frankly was a bit caught by surprise by the people I had the honor of being present with, but I found the conversations to be most interesting. Something many people who come to Bali do not realize is that although it's a destination popular with international tourists, it's tourism industry is what's making the gap between Balinese rich and poor larger by the second. Today, the poverty of Bali has reached it's highest population and most diseased population. It is with great joy and honor that I have been able to take part in the opportunity in front of me today. Being able to shadow such an amazing and influencing woman, who most of Bali call god, has definitely put a lot of things in perspective in this place I call paradise. I will continue to update you with the latest from my internship! All the best from Bali,

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