Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BACK & BETTER: Under Construction

sophiesmonde is UNDER CONSTRUCTION

I'm sorry. I really, really am.

Yes, I will admit, I have been avoiding you. When you're in a place as beautiful as Bali, being on a computer feels like a crime. I do not think an apology will suffice my prolonged absence from the blogosphere. I owe you an explanation. Hopefully the many posts I'm working on at the moment will clarify the reason blogging hasn't exactly been my top priority. Don't get me wrong, I feel awful when I just disappear like this, but as you probably know, sometimes it's nice just to.....well, just to live and not have to think about catchy titles or punny captions.

While sophiesmonde is under renovation, check out

I'm An Angel, which is the charity I have been interning for. As you probably have guessed from the photographs on the website, poverty has been recently re-defined for me. This re-definition has put more than I could have ever imagined in perspective for me.

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