Monday, August 1, 2011

No news is good news


I know you're angry and you have every right to be. I broke a big blogosphere rule. I realize my disappearance not only makes you question your loyalty towards, it also makes me seem unreliable, which is exactly what I have been lately. You see, the last five weeks of my life I have had no deadlines, no tests, no assignments to turn in --- I have literally been living a care-free - dare I say - unreliable life, which is actually a lot of responsibility for someone with no experience with that sort of lifestyle. I'm not saying I have sweat and toiled my way through my seventeen years, my life thus far has been quite fortunate but before this summer, I have yet to realize how to fully appreciate it. How to fully appreciate good people, good food, and good --- life.

Dear reader, I genuinely hope you share my definition of appreciation and can take it to justify the reason of my disappearance. During my disappearance, I discovered a whole new monde, which made sophiesmonde seem even smaller. Whether it's finding a new place or a new you, it's thanks to these summer discoveries that allow us to re-evaluate who we've been and what we've been doing during the snow-plowing and flower-planting seasons. Summer is the only season which allows us to make these discoveries, for it's also the season with the biggest deadline. Somewhere between the blistering heat waves and ocean breezes, you realize that the season you've been waiting for and counting on ever since snow plowing your pavement from december's first snow fall, is winding down right in front of you. Besides life, summer is the biggest deadline. Whether your traveling abroad, moving somewhere new or even just staying exactly where you are, you know that once the heat waves fade and ocean breezes pass, the deadline will be right around the corner. My time in Bali had a deadline and with that deadline in mind, I made the most of my time. I had some of the best times of my life but like all good things, they reach their deadline - which was clearly written on my non-refundable boarding pass back home - and come to an end.






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